Dr. Louise Mirrer, President & CEO, New-York Historical Society
Dr. Richard Rabinowitz, American History Workshop, curator and writer
Prof. James Oliver Horton, George Washington University, chief historian


American History Workshop: Research, Writing, and Curatorial
Lynda B. Kaplan, curatorial director and media producer
Dr. Peter P. Hinks, senior historian
Anne Elizabeth Parsons, researcher

Krent Paffett Carney: Exhibition Designers
Edward D. Krent, partner in charge
Nicholas B. Paffett, designer
Rebecca Schreiber, exhibit designer
Edward Malouf, graphic designer
Jennifer Arrington, associate designer
John F. Carney, consulting partner
Elizabeth Coolidge Nassikas, project coordinator
Chris Danemayer, graphic designer
Anthony Williams, ZKO, consulting designer
Nicky McCatty, CM Access, graphic designer

Scholarly Advisers
Edward Ball, independent historian, Farmington, Conn.
Prof. James Basker, Columbia University and President of the Gilder Lehrman Institute
Prof. Ira Berlin, University of Maryland
Prof. David W. Blight, Yale University
Prof. James De Jongh, CUNY
Dr. Howard Dodson, Schomburg Center, New York Public Library
Prof. Eric Foner, Columbia University
Prof. Brenda Greene, Medgar Evers College, CUNY
Prof. Robert Harms, Yale University
Prof. Leslie M. Harris, Emory University
Prof. Graham Russell Gao Hodges, Colgate University
Prof. Lois E. Horton, George Mason University
Julia Hotton, Independent curator, New York City
Dr. Jean Howson, African Burial Ground Project Archaeological Laboratory
Prof. Steven Mintz, University of Houston
Christopher P. Moore, Schomburg Center, New York Public Library
Prof. A.J. Williams-Meyers, SUNY New Paltz

Museum Consultants
Dr. Jeanne Houck, new media content development
Dr. Steven H. Jaffe, historian
Ellen Leerburger, evaluation
Marjorie Waters, educational materials

Fatima Bineta (Wolof)
Kofi Nkum (Akan)
Nana Sahr (Akan)

All pieces except those noted below
Experience Media Group
Michael Roper, media director
Gene Mackles, media programmer
Byron Seese, media designer
Jillian Domenici, project coordinator
David Cowles, artist
Cast: Atlantic Slave Trade: Gail Nelson
Sound Track, sound recording

York, A Dark Place and The Well
Produced by Norther Light Productions
Judy Richardson, producer
Miguilangel Aponte, director
Karen McMillen, line producer
Lorraine Pouliot, associate producer
Esra Yalcinalp, associate producer
Roderigo Llano, camera
Rob Peyreburn, gaffer
John Osborne, sound
John Garrett, sound
Chuck Scott, editor
Gene Damian, key grip
Nikki Pleau, make up
Clay Salit, production assistant
Jody Lee, production assistant
Luchus Belfon, set construction
Nigel Borneo, set construction assistant
Cast: York, A Dark Place: Derrick Ashong; The Well: Chrinstina, Bynoe, Seba Johnson, Cassandra Louis Marshall, Iyeoka Okoawo
With thanks to: Location: Minute Man National Historical Park, Concord, Mass.
Precision Auto Body & Towing

Emancipation Takes Center Stage and Voicing Freedom
Produced by the History Channel
Dr. Libby H. O’Connell, executive producer
Douglas Stone, supervising producer
Jawad Metni, director and editor
Cast: Voicing Freedom: Tim Cain, Robert Jason Jackson, Ezra Knight, Keith Smith, Kevin Sylvan, orators; Marsha Andrews, Marvis Martin, Jeffrey Hairston Smith, singers; Joshua Camp, piano
City Studios, video recording
Soundhound, sound recording
Wombat Studio, sound recording
With thanks to: Location provided by Historic Hudson Valley, Tarrytown, N.Y.

Cries of New York and In the Danger Zone: Listening Stations
Produced by American History Workshop
Cast: Cries of New York: M.W. Floyd, Claudene Neysmith, Brooke Peterson, Julie Shain
In the Danger Zone: Carolee Goodgold, Bill Morgan, Hedda Royce, Tony Scheinman, Jeff Sussman
Onomatopoeia, sound recording

Commissioned Art
Deryck Frazer and David Geiger, sculptures
Gareth Hinds, illustrations
Albert Lorenz Studio, story maps
Christopher Zaccone, illustration
Exhibition Fabrication: Explus, Inc.
Electronic Hardware: Electrosonics
Software Design, Visitor Response: Eric Mauiriello, Operand
Website Development: Something Digital Greg Steinberg, partner and project director
Jill Ayers, creative director

Stephen Aleman, Education
Alan Balicki, Conservation
Loraine Baratti, Library
Gena Bardwell, Special Events
Stephanie Benjamin, Administration
Mike Bonasia, Facilities
David Burnhauser, Registrar
Cynthia Copeland, American Rev. Project
Joseph Ditta, Library
Roy R. Eddey, Administration
Angela Goldstein, Development
Jenny Gotwals, Library
Dale Gregory, Public Programs
Jan Hilley, Library
Margaret Hofer, Curator
Kathleen Hulser, Public Historian
April Hunt, Administration
Norine Huratado, Visitor Services
Dr. Kenneth T. Jackson, Senior Historian
Adrienne Kupper, Education
Kimberly Latham, Library
Nick Mancini, Administration
David Mandel, Exhibitions
Gail Mazin, Development
Kelly McAnnaney, Library
Maureen McGillan, IT-Website
Mikal Muharrar, Education
Heidi Nakashima, Conservation
Nina Nazionale, Library
Katheleen O'Connor, Administration
Roberta Olson, Curator
Edward O'Reilly, Library
Julia Otto, Exhibitions
Valerie Paley, Journal
Kristine Paulus, Library
Jill Reichenbach, Rights & Reproduction
Eric Robinson, Library
Ione Saroyon, Museum Store
Julie Seymour, Development
Andrew Sterling, IT-Website
Mariam Touba, Library
Lilly Tuttle, Exhibitions
Dr. Lee Vedder, Curator
Laura Washington, Communications
Amy Weinstein, Curator
Kaitlin Wilson, Development
Philip Wolgin, Curatorial Intern

Boston Athenaeum
Brooklyn Museum
Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
Gilder Lehrman Collection on deposit at the New-York Historical Society
Library Company of Philadelphia
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Museum of the City of New York
National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
New York City Municipal Archives
New York Public Library
New York State Archives
William Clements Library, University of Michigan